Sunday, April 19, 2015

NOAA APT Images.

Automated setup uses RTL SDR with home brew QFH antenna and a home brew preamp.  Audio from SDR# transfered to Wxtoimg using Virtual audio cable.  SDRsharp's frequency is controlled by Orbitron DDE client,  according to AOS or active satellite. Wxtoimg processes demodulated audio and saves necessary files. For more details visit Link. 

All Images are manually uploaded, late evening, not everyday. 


NOAA-15 Ele-67W, 29-April-2015, 5:56PM IST (12:26Hrs UTC).

NOAA-19 Ele-27E, 29-April-2015, 1:42PM IST (08:12Hrs UTC).

NOAA-18 Ele-40E, 28-April-2015, 4:42PM IST (11:12Hrs UTC).


NOAA-19 Ele-36E, 28-April-2015, 1:53PM IST (8:23Hrs UTC).



NOAA-15 Ele-33E, 27-April-2015, 5:07PM IST (11:37Hrs UTC).


NOAA-18 Ele-53E, 27-April-2015, 4:52PM IST (11:22Hrs UTC).


NOAA-15, Ele-64E, 26-April-2015, 5:31PM IST (12:01Hrs UTC).




NOAA-18, Ele-72E, 26-April-2015, 5:05PM IST (11:35Hrs UTC).

NOAA-19, Ele-64E, 26-April-2015, 2:14PM IST (08:44Hrs UTC).

NOAA-19, Ele-85E, 25-April-2015, 2:25PM IST (08:55Hrs UTC).


NOAA-15, Ele-35W, 24-April-2015, 6:20PM IST (12:50Hrs UTC).

NOAA-18, Ele-64W, 24-April-2015, 5:30PM IST (12:00Hrs UTC).


NOAA-19, Ele-75W, 24-April-2015, 2:35PM IST (09:05Hrs UTC).

NOAA-15, Ele-48W, 23-April-2015, 5:41PM IST (12:11Hrs UTC).

NOAA-15, Ele-32E, 23-April-2015, 5:06PM IST (11:36Hrs UTC) 

NOAA-19, Ele-55W, 23-April-2015, 2:48PM IST(09:18 Hrs UTC).

NOAA-18, 19-April-2015, 4:45 PM IST(11:15 Hrs UTC), Elev -44E.

NOAA-15, 19-April-2015, 5:05 PM IST, (11:35 Hrs UTC), Elev -33E.